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Vodou in Mexico (Photo of the Week)

As promised, here is my first ever Photo of the Week. I’d like to release one every Friday, but I’m really terrible about remembering too keep my camera with me—or use it when I do have it. After all, I’m a writer, not a photographer. But I promise to do my very best to keep these coming every week from now on.

(I also promise not to use filler pics. If I end up with a week with no good material, I’ll just be honest and skip the Photo of the Week.)

So here’s the photo that gives this post its name. I like this photo because it captures how I’m not only multi-religious, but becoming a little more multi-cultural as well. I practice two religions, Vodou and Irish polytheism, and one of my first objectives in a new home is to set up a shrine. For the Vodou side I purchased a locally made ceramic flower skull:

Photo copyright 2014 André

Photo copyright 2014 André

With it is an offering candle and the necklace I got in Haiti (lovingly repaired by my mom after it broke). The necklace is dedicated to my patron lwa.

As a bonus, this week I decided to do two pictures. This second one is just a selfie, but if I ever start a band I expect this will be the cover of my first album:

Photo copyright 2014 André

Photo copyright 2014 André

What do you think? Are these any good? And what do you want to see for next week’s Photo of the Week?


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