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Why Won’t There Be a Sequel to Lúnasa Days?

Yesterday I detailed my writing plans for 2014, including announcing a new fiction project (with demons!). Several people have asked me if there will ever be a sequel to Lúnasa Days.

There will not be.

There are a number of reasons for this. The biggest is that Lúnasa Days was always planned as a stand-alone piece. I really don’t believe in taking a one-shot story and tacking on a sequel, even if the story is popular; I think too many bad sequels have been made that way. The finished novella would have looked very different if it was building up to a longer story arc. Instead, it ends on a purposefully open note with no implied next step for any of the characters. That was on purpose.

Another reason why I won’t create  a sequel is the nature of Lúnasa Days itself. I knew I was picking a difficult tale to tell. The main character is a polytheist on a bicycle, so I accepted that readers and critics would assume it was autobiographical no matter what. (It’s really not.) And since it’s a fairly humane, literary work I knew it would be painful to write and require many revisions. That also came true.

The result is that finishing that novella was very much a case of “art from adversity.” The book became personal and difficult to finish. I’d like to think that’s the sign of a good book, but it also means it reflects a moment in time which is now passed. Like all lost relationships, it’s best to move on.

Of course, I realize that this is little comfort to anyone who wanted more with the same characters. The only complaint I’ve heard about the book is that it leaves you wanting more. As a reader myself I can understand that pain, although for a literary work I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing.

So, as much as I like Bailey and eventually learned to like Emily, any future adventures of theirs—which would surely be separate and not together—must go unchronicled.

L Days cover_front only_half size

If you haven’t read it yet, Lúnasa Days is available in paperback and on Kindle. Get your copy here.


6 thoughts on “Why Won’t There Be a Sequel to Lúnasa Days?

  1. While I respect your right to choose what you do with your own arts . . . me think thou protesteth too much. There is a sequel there whether it was ever intended or not, and I felt that after just a few pages–long before the end. Done. Do what you will. I sill love you. :)

    • Well, I appreciate that Bob.

      I can’t deny that the characters could be used in another story, and I’m grateful that anyone loves it enough to nudge me. The truth is though, that their story ended exactly as I felt it should, and in my heart at least it’s done… I don’t think I could write more for them if I tried.

  2. A. Waite says:

    I haven’t actually read Lúnasa Days yet, but it occurs to me that in addition to begging you to write a sequel, your readers might attempt to add to the story by writing their own fan fiction. What would your feelings about that be?

    • I would be strongly supportive of that. I mean I would love it. If something I wrote inspired more storytelling like that, I would be awed and humbled. So if fan fiction started cropping up it would have only enthusiastic support from me.

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