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The Rule of Travel

So this is pretty neat. Poet/adventurer S. Tarr has dedicated a poem to my Journey. He sent it to me after I told him about the upcoming ride across Mexico (which you can join, if you like, starting in November). With his permission, the poem is presented here in full:

The Rule of Travel

The rule of travel is this,
to always be prepared,
to always plan ahead,
misadventures will happen,
yet in planning’s stead,
the ready will walk on,
but not in woeful dread.

I’ve received lots of support and encouragement over the past two years, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever had a poem dedicated to me. It seems particularly appropriate given the amount of planning that has gone into the Fellowship of the Wheel. Guiding a group of cyclist across another country isn’t easy, but planning it carefully has, I hope, made it as accessible as possible.

You can find this poem and many more in S. Tarr’s book Thoughts Discovered: Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests.


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