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Bringing the Fellowship to Life

“I’m really excited about the prospect of exploring Mexico, rediscovering biking, meeting new people and doing some good thinking and talking and breathing.”

That’s a comment from one of my potential co-adventurers for the Fellowship of the Wheel. I’ve spent pretty much all my waking time over the last two weeks working on, thinking about, or promoting the Fellowship—and it seems to be paying off.

We have a small roster of interested folks now. Pixi, whom you may remember from the Texas ride, signed up from the beginning; she’ll be doing at least the first leg with me and as many more legs as possible. Then I got word from two personal friends of mine, separately, who are both interested in the last leg or two of the trip. And just in the past 24 hours I’ve had four (!) total strangers contact me declaring their interest.

This is exciting.

Photo by Lili Vieira de Carvalho

Meanwhile I’m working on logistics. Joining us on the Fellowship is completely free (you pay your own travel costs), but there are expenses I’ll need to cover. That has me considering a Kickstarter campaign so that I don’t have to pay entirely out of pocket. These expenses include:

  • Support car. During the first three days, I’m planning to have a support vehicle tail us. That way if we have a mechanical problem we can get a ride to town before dark. $300.
  • Fuel. $350.
  • Wi-fi. During our break days I will be catching up with clients and working, which requires wi-fi. Although internet is pretty ubiquitous in Mexico, I don’t like to take chances. I plan to invest in a portable wi-fi device, likely a dongle from local carrier Telcel. $100.
  • Data plan. $200.
  • Training & education. It’s been suggested to me that now would be a good time to take classes on bicycling safety and bike repair. The more knowledge I have once we’re on the road, the better. $250.

That’s a total of $1200 to crowdfund. Is that doable? I’d like to think it is, but I’d love your suggestions about what kinds of rewards to offer. The ideal Kickstarter rewards are things that aren’t physical, so that there’s little cost involved in delivering them: perhaps exclusive access to a video log of the journey, for instance. I was also thinking postcards from Mexico would be a good reward, and at higher levels we could do physical things as well. But those are just some basic ideas. What would you like to see as a reward for people who support the Fellowship?


6 thoughts on “Bringing the Fellowship to Life

  1. I’ll think some more on this but the immediate suggestion I have, which doesn’t simplify anything at all, is to create a non-profit so that people’s donations are tax deductible.

    • Meg, that’s a good idea and I’ve long thought about it. In many ways I’m using this Mexico ride as a test run to see how leading a group adventure goes: if it’s a success, then I’d like to create a nonprofit organization called the Heroic Life Foundation which would exist to help make these adventures accessible to everyone. However, for that I’ll need a good group of board members and all the formal trappings – a charter, 501c3 status, an accountant, etc. That’s just not something I can get off the ground in the next 60 days, and definitely not in time to start taking donations for this upcoming trip. So I enthusiastically agree with you but for now it will have to be a crowdfunding project instead :)

  2. Seeing that you are a writer, maybe something in the line of that? Perhaps an ebook of the adventurous tale that is to follow?

    I shall let you know if any other ideas come my way.

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