Andre Sólo, Spotlight

Rogue Priest on the Radio

André on Radio Enso

Last week I announced an hour-long radio interview with Radio Enso, which sounded like a lot of fun but turned out to be a little bit of a mess. Five minutes into the broadcast our audio cut out, and host Greg Berg had to cancel the show. Greg later told me that in over 100 episodes, he’s only ever had to reschedule a guest twice; II was one of the unlucky two.

We didn’t let this get us down, however. The day after the failed broadcast we tried again, and recorded the whole interview. This new, improved and totally successful interview first aired yesterday, September 22. It’s now available for you to play on demand here.

For those of you who tuned in to listen to the original broadcast, I apologize. I was really looking forward to taking questions on-air. But I do hope you’ll tune into the new version, which was not only technical-error-free but also covers some great questions about travel, adventure, the Fellowship of the Wheel, and the quest to meet the gods.

André Solo on Radio Enso

As always, I felt awkward trying to condense my views on spirituality into a short summary, but all in all I feel good about the interview. If you have a question on anything I said, leave it in a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer. Thank you!

Also: do you know about the funding campaign for the Fellowship of the Wheel? Please click here to learn about what we’re offering to those who support us!


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