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Update on the Fellowship of the Wheel

Funding update for Andre's trip across Mexico

Adventuring means traveling freely. But it does not mean traveling for free.

That’s why I created the Fellowship of the Wheel crowdfunding campaign, which is currently live on Indiegogo. This campaign is designed to support the Fellowship’s ride across Mexico, my first major group ride. I announced the campaign a week ago and it’s time for an update on progress.

First let me say how impressed I am with the group of adventurers planning on crossing Mexico with me. We have about 14 people interested in going, which is more than I ever could have hoped for. Some want to go for the whole thing, others only for a leg. But it’s not the sheer number of people that amazes me, it’s the mix that we have.

Our group includes both men and women, skewed a bit toward the male side of the spectrum. There are people of all ages, from 20’s to 60’s. And their experience level varies widely, from people trying a long bicycle ride for the first time to experienced touring cyclists/bicycle mechanics. Basically, it’s everything I could have asked for.

One man, in his early 60’s, emailed me just today to ask if he could come along. “I haven’t toured long/overnight on bicycle,” he wrote. “I am a beginner. I ride everyday in Vermont and I find the hills difficult.” Even so, he wants to cross 2,000 miles of uncertain terrain.

This is exactly why I launched the Fellowship in the first place. To me, an adventure is an undertaking so big that at first you don’t have the skills you need to complete it. You have to improve yourself along the way. I have no doubt that all of us who attempt this ride will rise to the occasion.

Right now, we have raised only 25% of the funds we need. This money will help us afford safety equipment and resources. I’m asking all of you reading this to please click this link and consider donating. And whether you donate or not, please share the link as widely as you can.

All support is appreciated. You are making dreams come true.


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