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Road Log: Crossing the Mississippi

We’re almost caught up on old road logs. This is a short one, but reflects a crucial day in my Journey. I had paddled the length of the Mississippi and was almost ready to head west—but with all the ferries I’d taken over the river, it was time to prove I was still doing this under my own body power, even where the river is wide.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 (Day 355)—Crossing Day

I rented a kayak and paddled across, tagging a lamp post on the far shore. That’s where I’d later pick up my bicycling, taking any accusation of cheating out of the equation.

People often ask if I carried the bicycle with me on the kayak. The answer is no. The point is to do each leg powered by own body, not to carry extra equipment.

I also paddled back across, but that part’s not included in the official tally. 6 miles.

Map 1. 3.0 miles cycling.

Map 2. 3.0 miles kayaking and walking.

Total traveled this leg: 6.0

Total traveled since Day 1: 2,082

My hope is to have the Texas road logs up soon, and thus be ready to dive into the new ones for the trip across Mexico when I start it in a few days. I owe you guys an update on that, too—coming soon!

Check out other road logs or help make the next adventure a success.


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