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Road Log: Journey to the End

Lately I’ve been catching up on old road logs. So far I’ve gotten up to arriving in New Orleans and the various events that transpired there. But New Orleans isn’t the end of the River, and eventually I had to set out and cover that last 80 miles.

This story has already been covered in detail in the Journey to the End of the World, but I never did chart our route and miles. Here they are, for anyone interested.

Saturday, May 18, 2013 (Day 316)

Departed New Orleans and headed down the East Bank nearly as far as the road went. Crossed by ferry and continued on. I made a decision to use the ferry since I had already crossed the Mississippi under my own power multiple times and would later do so again. In other words, using this motorized boat during this leg saved me no sweat and cheated me out of zero miles. 64.3 miles.

Map Part 1.

Map Part 2.

Distance covered by ferry is not included in the mileage.

May 19

Reached the end of the river, or more accurately, as far as you can go on dry land. Made offerings. Grateful. 38.1 miles.

Map Part 1.

Map Part 2.

Monday, May 20 (Day 318)

Retraced the whole distance back up, but returned via the West Bank instead. I didn’t know it at the time but early in the day I broke my 2,000th mile. I was pleased as punch anyway. Multiple ferries, beautiful tail wind. Much celebrating at the end. 79.8 miles. 

Map Part 1.

Map Part 2.

Map Part 3.

Map Part 4.

Total traveled this leg: 182.2

Total traveled since Day 1: 2,076

I’ll have more road logs up soon. Until then, check out the past ones or help out the next leg of the Adventure.


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