Andre Sólo, Fellowship of the Wheel

Goodies from the Great Adventure

I’m writing this from the city of Xalapa which means I’m more than halfway across Mexico and about to make the big switch from desert highland to Gulf coast. This trip has been full of wonders and has affirmed my faith in the power of adventure.

It’s also had its share of challenges. That includes the increased cost: I had planned the trip with the understanding that Pixi would be along for all 80 days. We intended to split hotels and other costs, making the trip very economical. When she decided to go home my budget was definitely not my first concern—but there’s no denying it was affected.

Recently, a reader wrote to me and suggested that I continue accepting contributions to support the journey. She pointed out that lots of people might want the perks that were offered during our crowdfunding campaign. Specifically, there are already 24 video logs from the first half of the trip. Here’s an example:

I’d love to share all of these videos with you. Some are shot POV while the bike is moving, some are in historic colonial towns, and one even gives a 360-degree view from the top of a pyramid. For those of you who have been enjoying the road logs, I think the videos will really add a new dimension.

You can support at either of two levels:

$25 – Video Stalker

You immediately get full access to the archive of all video logs to date. Plus, I’ll email you from each rest stop with the newest videos. Warning: pretty much any facts I give about Mexican history are wrong. Grab yours here.

$50 – Your Own Pen Pal

You get access to the video archive and all the new videos as they come out, plus I will write you a postcard and send it from Valladolid, Mexico! What’s better than a postcard from a wanderer in a faraway land? Grab yours here.

Many thanks to all who help out. Tomorrow it’s back to road logs. And happy holidays, everyone!


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