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On Reaching the End of Mexico

Photo by André

Photo by André

So, here is an overdue but very exciting update: on the afternoon of Saturday, February 7 I rolled out of Pisté, Mexico, past the great pyramids of Chichen Itza, and some 40 miles to the town of Valladolid. When I reached the Valladolid’s central plaza I had officially reached the end point of the Fellowship of the Wheel ride across Mexico.

To say it felt incredible is an understatement. I’ve reflected a lot on this journey: how exciting it was to see others eager to join, how painful it was when it became a fellowship of one, and how many discoveries, mysteries and new friends I’ve found along the way.

Most of all I’m in awe that this journey has become every much the way I dreamed it would be. I think I’ve come of age as an adventurer, so to speak. I finally know how to make everything come together on the road and truly enjoy my time doing it. There were setbacks and challenges, but for the most part these ninety days of bicycling were happy ones. They proved to me that adventure really does have the power to transform lives.

There’s a lot I still need to write about this trip, but I didn’t want to put off at least announcing the finish any longer. The rest of the road logs will appear in the coming weeks. And yes, after a lengthy stop for writing, I will eventually continue on across Central and South America, always on the quest to meet the gods.

Thank you everyone who has supported the journey. I’m eternally grateful to have you with me.


16 thoughts on “On Reaching the End of Mexico

  1. gregsd says:

    Congrats Andre’!!!!! That’s great news!

    And while I’m at it: “I, Gregory Berg, hereby commit in writing to join Andre’ Solo in person at some point on his continuing adventures through Central and South America.”

    Now I’ve committed to doing that in writing! Much more powerful than an oral “maybe.”

    Rest up and write, write, write!


  2. Calluna says:

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you, and echo the gratitude Camelia is expressing. You’ve done so well in sharing your experiences with us. – I’ve really enjoyed it, and it seems to me that your skill in sharing has improved along the journey, too.

    • Wow, thanks Calluna and I’m glad to hear that. I’m never sure how good these road logs are. I always feel sort of like I’m just burping the words out onto paper (“paper”), in a way that wouldn’t pass muster in a proper book or travelogue. I’m glad it comes across okay.

  3. Many congrats to you my friend!! I look forward to reading more about your future travels. Although many of us who wanted to come along for the ride couldn’t, we were and are with you in spirit. Be safe. Live. Learn. Love. And be loved.

  4. Great work Andre… I have so enjoyed your travels along with you in my mind’s eye! While I wish the reports could be in real time, as a writer & traveler, I completely understand the logistics of doing so while on the road are about impossible. I am sure that the South American leg will be riveting reading as well! And I can’t wait for the final book on all this :). Take care & safe travels friend!

    • I wish that too Angel! I had so wanted to keep on top of them this time around. And I could have, if I had gone with short little log entried… a paragraph or two a day. It’s just not my style I guess. I’m longwinded :)

      Thank you for your kind words and for being here with me.

  5. faelind says:

    Congratulations! I’ll keep on keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Loved reading your journey and looking forward to more. Stay safe, my friend.

  6. Ricardo & Diana says:

    Congrats Andre! We are very happy and proud of you. We whish you a safe travel returning to your home. Our house will allways be open for you.

    • Woohoo! Ricardo it’s so good to hear from you. I’m glad you guys are still following along :)

      I will actually be staying in Valladolid for 3 months and then not sure where next. If I head back your way I will definitely let you know. I’d love to get together again. Thank you so much for all your support.

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