My Book

I’m an author. My first novella was published in 2013:

Lúnasa Days

“This is a story of Fate…”

The sun’s going. It’s July, and the corn doesn’t know it. It grows tall and green. The human heart knows. It stirs and it stirs. There’s a dwindling late in summer, a sadness. And a loner on the roads. He left a life that wasn’t bad. Everyone said he was good at his job, even his boss.
But when he was young he knew something. He had a fate, a reason to exist. He never quite found it, and every autumn it slipped further away.

He stopped one day for food. A gas station, like any other, but the man there was friendly. Bored. He liked the look of the young guy with his bike, and he spoke to him.

“Where you headed?”

It was a hard question.

“Well, what do you do?”

Vagabond. Can you say vagabond? Is that a career?

He looked aside.

“I cast spells,” he said.

The man had some work for him.
Lúnasa Days is a modern fable about finding a purpose in life, and how difficult that can be. It brings magic to life, painting the invisible with a delicate brush.

Readers are saying overwhelmingly positive things:

“Lunasa Days is a wonderful, heart-rending read that leaves you with more questions than answers.” —Faelind

“The short, crisp, descriptive style makes the whole town come to life. We can feel the wind, the heat, the sweat… The characters are not right or wrong but deeply human… Like you or me, they have doubts, they’re flawed, they have dreams.” —Manuel

“I loved this book for its literary merit. [The writing style is] spare but evocative, reminding me of a cross between Ernest Hemingway and J. D. Salinger. The book also had elements of Magic Realism, my favorite literary genre.” —Ariel

You can get Lúnasa Days in paperback or on Kindle. Your purchase helps support an independent author.

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