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I ‘Andreshamed’ Myself into Doing It

I just got this from a friend in Minnesota:

It got nice finally. Like, it hit the 60’s last week and of course is down to the 20’s again but that’s March. I decided I’m going to start biking to work. But, I know I’m out of shape so I need to take this slow. First—biking to the train station to take light rail every day.

The first day the weather was great. Hooray.

Then… it got cold and kinda rainy. Boo!

Yesterday, I was biking into a gusty cold wind on the way home.

I thought to myself, I hate biking into the wind. And I hate biking into an effing cold wind even more.

And then I stopped for a second and said to myself, “Stop. Stop complaining and keep pedaling. All you have is a backpack with your effing shoes in it and 3 Jimmy Johns sandwiches. You have nothing to complain about. Andre bikes his ass all over God and Creation with tons of gear. Quit whining and pedal.”

I ‘Andreshamed’ myself into doing it. Or is it ‘Andreinspired’? Not sure. But it should be a meme.

I for one strongly support this idea. If anyone out there can turn Andreshaming into a meme, I hereby volunteer this picture:

Andre Solo Will Andreshame You

But seriously: headwinds suck.