The Great Adventure

Happy Solstice

Happy Midsummer all! My start date for the Adventure was planned for today. As I indicated a while ago, that date would move if needed to accommodate recovery time from my injuries. And so it is.

The injuries are healing nicely—I probably could start biking 50 miles a day today with no problems. But I want to get back into my daily training habit, and stretch and strengthen everything to make sure there will be no relapse. That’s just good policy.

I will instead start my Adventure on July 4. I’ll watch the fireworks in Duluth, MN that night and then start from Lake Itasca the following morning.

In unrelated news, today’s a major holiday for me: Midsummer. In some Irish lore, the goddess Aine (pronounced like the band Enya) died last night. At her death, all of the elf mounds in Ireland opened their doors and the Good Folk marched with lamps up to the highest hill to mourn her. In folk tradition we light lamps and bonfires the evening before the Solstice and party. I’m the only polytheist out here on the farm, so I held my own little fire ceremony last night. It was raining and beautiful. It was grand.

Tomorrow I get to see my Vodouisant friends Urban and his wife Saumya. It’s a special time of year for them, too.

The Paps of Anu, sacred hills of the goddess Aine in southern Ireland.

I hope all of you are having an amazing Midsummer, hopefully with no Shakespearean dream hijinx or, if so, I hope you got lucky!

Anyone do anything special for the holiday?