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The Hero Round Table

I chase the path that the ancient heroes took. My journey is my way of entering the same mythic world, of choosing the great challenge. I know it will change me, I know it’s dangerous, but I keep going—because what else is it to be alive?

The journey is my way to seek heroism, but it’s only one way of many. There are countless people either seeking a heroism of their own, or working to teach others what it means to be heroic and to cultivate that social bravery in our world today.

What if they all got together?

That’s exactly what will happen this November. My friend Matt Langdon, who teaches kids how to be heroes, has arranged to bring together some of the leading minds on the topic of heroism today. It’s a two day summit that he calls the Hero Round Table.

Dr. Philip Zimbardo, Speaker at the Hero Round Table

The Hero Round Table is a cross-disciplinary conference on heroism in today’s world. Speakers will include leaders in education, psychology, philosophy, storytelling, and other backgrounds, with breakout sessions for open discussion. 

You don’t need to be a “professional” in any of these fields to attend—the conference is open to everyone with an interest in heroism. It exists to foster and encourage that interest by sharing perspectives, information and ideas.

The Speakers

Heading the conference will be Dr. Philip Zimbardo, the world famous social scientist whose work on the psychology of evil and the psychology of heroism has completely changed what we know about ethics. Dr. Zimbardo is the creator of the Stanford Prison Experiment and currently leads the Heroic Imagination Project.

Also lined up to speak at the conference are Zoe Weil, the legendary humane education advocate; Jocelyn Stevenson, a creator of Fraggle Rock and other children’s shows; Dr. Ari Kohen, who teaches heroism in the context of human rights and politics; and 15 others including a teenager who got frustrated with ineffective anti-bullying programs and went on to change his high school on his own.

Plus You and Me

And yes, if you haven’t guessed it, I’ll be speaking there as well. Matt has invited me to join the lineup and talk about the use of adventure as a transformative practice to cultivate heroism: why adventure works, how my journey has changed me, and how others can do the same. (I’ll be speaking via video link to avoid backtracking my journey.)

The Hero Round Table will be held November 9th and 10th in Swartz Creek, Michigan. Seating is strictly limited and I encourage all of you to grab tickets now, while you still can. There’s a chance I can snag a ticket for a giveaway, but don’t wait for it—if you would benefit from attending this conference, get a seat now!

Note there will also be a prize awarded to one project designed to create heroes in today’s world. Perhaps it will be yours?