Teaching kids how not to rape

Photo courtesy of Beard.

Photo courtesy of Beard.

This is an excerpt from an essay by Abby Norman.

Yesterday… someone in the back shot their hand up and did not wait for me to call on them. “Ms. Norman, this poem is about rape.” It wasn’t a question. It is rare for a fifteen-year-old to speak about anything with this kind of authority, let alone poetry. A few kids chimed in to agree with the first student and I admitted that I often read the poem that way, even if you don’t have to. I was about to launch into an explanation of other ways this poem could be read.

“Ms. Norman” another kid called, “Have you heard about that rape case in Ohio? Those guys got convicted. They have to go to jail. They are going to lose their scholarships. They were going to D-1 schools!”

“Well…”I responded, feeling the heat crawl up my neck, “maybe they are going to jail for rape because THEY ARE RAPISTS!”  [keep reading]

Abby Norman is a feminist and devout Christian. She runs the blog Accidental Devotional. I was really stunned by this article and by the way that she directed the conversation with her students. 

I hope you will read the rest and share your thoughts. 

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Used with permission from East.

This is an excerpt from a statement by East.

I’m done with therapy. For now, anyway. Possibly forever.

I’m done waiting, and I’m done letting myself get pushed around.

I’m done immediately judging people negatively.

I’m done feeling sorry for myself.

A new era is beginning, as established in yesterday’s post. I’m going to be good to everyone, including myself. I have goals. Not just dreams that drift about my mind in an offhand way. I actually intend to achieve them. Let me tell you about some of them.

East is a 17 year old crossing the ocean from high schooler to independent adult. Read the rest of her statement here. Maybe offer her some advice or help. Or maybe just listen.

She is one bright adventurer, and she knows how to fight with swords.

In the last year you have helped me launch an adventure, complete a novella (currently in editing) and fund a community atelier of magic. You are the best readers in the world. Thank you.