I Like Organized Religion

Photo by Eva Ekeblad.

“I don’t like organized religion.”


There are many ways to organize something. Good and bad ways.

The alternative is disorganized religion. I’ve seen it and it’s really worse.

When you have 10 or 20 people who all want the same thing, who want to do something meaningful, it’s a shame if they can’t organize. Not organized means: no one coordinates or plans, the ones best suited to leading are afraid to be leaders, the rest are anti-authoritarian and lash out at any suggestion no matter how good.

That’s not an improvement.

Organized is helpful. Goddamn Vodou is an organized religion, and it’s just about the most open-minded and friendly thing you will ever encounter.

I love organized religion.

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Spending Respect

There’s a subset of the population that values manners in all things. They don’t use diminutive nicknames for the politicans they hate. When they sense invective and personal attacks they shy away from it, even the causes they agree with. This type of person can be among the strongest allies you’ll ever have if you take the time to phrase what you say in a measured way. If they speak up for you and support you, it’s because they agree with you at a deep level, and their loyalty is long-lasting.

There is also a subset of people who value vim and fire and can be rallied with anger. It’s easy to enlist their aid by spreading profanities, sarcasm, personal insults, and trigger phrases. This type of person isn’t there for you, they’re there for what they get out of it. Something emotional drives their engine whether they admit it or not. They can leave you as quick as they showed up. They are as likely to create turmoil as they are to actually help you.

You choose which kind of person you attract by the way you speak your truth. This applies at all levels, from how you fight with your ex to how you organize, grow, and advance a vast movement.

It’s worth considering which kind of base you feed with your words.