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I Chose a Bad Strategy

Often I think about the years I spent doing work I didn’t love.

I learned a lot of great things and met amazing people. They weren’t bad years. In fact, they were pretty good. A big reason why they were good was because I felt I was doing everything for a purpose: someday I’ll have enough money to go on my adventure.

In theory, all of my work and effort was aimed at that goal.

But year after year passed and there was never more money, no fluent Spanish, or any freedom to travel. In fact, my years of work didn’t put me one step closer to my dream of walking to South America.

This is because of a glitch.

In the human mind there is an error of logic. Our belief is: the best way to achieve something is to plan for it. Because we believe this we are very valuable workers, voters, consumers and soldiers. After all, to plan for something you need time, income and stability. And lots of luxuries to keep you sane during the wait.

If our belief was true, most people would find that after 5-10 years of college and career they are able to back away from full time work and do the things they love.

Does that sound like the real world?

The belief is mistaken. The best way to achieve something is not to plan. It’s to jump in immediately.

(Immediate is relative. It could be today or a one year process. But there is no delay.)

This approach isn’t perfect. There are many problems you’ll face with this approach. But you’ll handle them better reactively. You’ll make better decisions about problems as they actually happen, than you would in a plan.

And you’ll actually make progress.

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Goals for Mexico City

Just as I did when I went to Thailand, I have some goals here in Mexico. I’ll be here for about 10 weeks total, or 2.5 months. One week is already down, and time’s not slowing.

So what do I need to get done here? Well…

Goals for Mexico City, 2012

  • Learn Spanish. This is the most important. I want to be functionally fluent when I sail away March 10. Immersion is a key part of this strategy, which means I need to stop speaking in English with my generous host and his friends. This week I’ll ask for an hour a day of English embargos. Eventually it will be whole days. Aside from immersion, I’m working on online Spanish lessons and arranging a tutor.
  • Bolster & expand my SEO income. Through Location Rebel I learned to write SEO articles and make good money doing it. I’ve made enough since September to get by, but I would like a higher income so I can develop a nest egg & buy gear for my Adventure. I plan on writing a longer post about finances & income soon, but for now I’ll keep it simple: the plan is to build up a stronger portfolio of clients. Prospecting is in my future.
  • Start my own business. A blog is not a business. Separate from Rogue Priest I will be launching my own lifestyle business over January and February. The purpose of my business is to share one of the most influential and life-changing forces in my own life: magic. I have unique views on the practice of traditional magic and I want to share and explore those views with like-minded people, while hand-making scrolls to embody this ancient art.

There are many other things I want to accomplish while I’m here. I want to keep practicing my jujutsu so my Sensei can be proud. I want to lose 15 pounds. I want to see my graphic novel move forward. I want to write more fiction. I want to redecorate Rogue Priest.

I could go on all day.

I’m a dreamer with endless ideas. Like many dreamers, I sometimes need to shut my idea-hole and get to work. Accomplishing one or two big things has lasting value; imagining fifty is just cheap therapy.

So, I’ve chosen these three things to focus on for January, February and half of March. If I can accomplish this much I’ll feel good about the time I spent here. I’ll know that I’m working hard even with no boss to push me, and that I’m being responsible toward making a living and contributing something to the world. And that’s a big deal.