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The Rule of Travel

So this is pretty neat. Poet/adventurer S. Tarr has dedicated a poem to my Journey. He sent it to me after I told him about the upcoming ride across Mexico (which you can join, if you like, starting in November). With his permission, the poem is presented here in full:

The Rule of Travel

The rule of travel is this,
to always be prepared,
to always plan ahead,
misadventures will happen,
yet in planning’s stead,
the ready will walk on,
but not in woeful dread.

I’ve received lots of support and encouragement over the past two years, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever had a poem dedicated to me. It seems particularly appropriate given the amount of planning that has gone into the Fellowship of the Wheel. Guiding a group of cyclist across another country isn’t easy, but planning it carefully has, I hope, made it as accessible as possible.

You can find this poem and many more in S. Tarr’s book Thoughts Discovered: Love, Adventure and Other Noble Quests.


Teaching kids how not to rape

Photo courtesy of Beard.

Photo courtesy of Beard.

This is an excerpt from an essay by Abby Norman.

Yesterday… someone in the back shot their hand up and did not wait for me to call on them. “Ms. Norman, this poem is about rape.” It wasn’t a question. It is rare for a fifteen-year-old to speak about anything with this kind of authority, let alone poetry. A few kids chimed in to agree with the first student and I admitted that I often read the poem that way, even if you don’t have to. I was about to launch into an explanation of other ways this poem could be read.

“Ms. Norman” another kid called, “Have you heard about that rape case in Ohio? Those guys got convicted. They have to go to jail. They are going to lose their scholarships. They were going to D-1 schools!”

“Well…”I responded, feeling the heat crawl up my neck, “maybe they are going to jail for rape because THEY ARE RAPISTS!”  [keep reading]

Abby Norman is a feminist and devout Christian. She runs the blog Accidental Devotional. I was really stunned by this article and by the way that she directed the conversation with her students. 

I hope you will read the rest and share your thoughts. 

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Who Once We Were


I believe we have a duty to the children:

Not just the children we raise,

The children we meet,

The orphans;

But to the children who once we were

Who Dreamed so many great things for Who They Would Become.

When you rise,

Do your job,

Greet the world,

Do you make that Dreaming spirit proud?

Or have you neglected

the first child

you ever loved?