How Not to Kill a Scorpion

I don’t have a Photo of the Week this week, but I did learn that the reason you don’t try to take a photo of the giant scorpion in your house is because while you get the camera ready it might disappear… in your bedroom.

I also learned a few other things:

  • Scorpions can fit into some pretty small spaces
  • If you need to kill a scorpion that’s moved into a crevice, the combination of giant knife (to extract it) and boot (to smash it) will definitely work. But you better be really, really fast.
  • Just like a dead centipede may keep running, a dead scorpion still has an instinct to flex its tail.
  • Your local friend’s tip that scorpions often travel in pairs is useful, but pretty terrifying when you can only find one scorpion and then need to go to sleep.

I definitely wouldn’t file this under “epic adventure” but it was pretty intense. As soon as I spotted him his tail was already up in aggression, whereas the last two I’ve found were just chilling. In the words of one scorpion website, scorpions usually just hunker once they’re spotted. But when I armed myself for the kill, this one got worried enough to run like a cockroach. The scorpion knew I could kill him, just as I knew he could kill me (or more likely, send me to the hospital).

When I finally smacked him, I picked up the boot to see him dangling by his tail (dead). He had stung the rubber sole so deep that his stinger got stuck.

Of course, it occurs to me that my readers may not want a photo of a giant scorpion. But I was going to put a peso note in the picture so you could see how big it was, which I think would’ve been pretty cool…