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WDS Contest: And the Ticket Goes To…

For the last two weeks, amazing essays, poems, lists and videos have been appearing on the topic, Why Adventure? Today, I draw the winner from among them, and award that person a shiny new World Domination Summit ticket.

With so many great adventurers to choose from, how do you pick a winner? Well, voting and arbitrary judgement are both time-honored traditions, but this is adventure. There’s always an element of the unexpected, the unpredictable in adventure, right?

So, as promised, I used a random selection method to choose the winner.

What kind of random selection method? Well…

If you know what that is, roll twice on the Wandering Blogger table. If you don’t know what that is, I am totally not a nerd. And never was.

Of course, you have no idea if I’m really rolling the die or not. I could just “cheat” and put it on whatever number I want, and say I rolled it. But this is a low-tech operation and the best I can do is ask for your trust. Plus, if I wanted to just pick the winner myself, it’s my contest—I could just do that openly. But I think adding luck to the mix is more fun.

Other fine print:

  • I reserved the right to enter one “favorite” twice, but decided against it. I liked all the entries so much, I want everyone to have an equal chance.
  • One person entered in order to give their ticket (if they won) to their friend, Julianne. But Julianne entered too! (She didn’t know about them when they both entered, it was innocent.) So Julianne is just in the contest once like everyone else.
  • I had earlier said than Benjamin Jenk’s video response was not meant as an entry. That was a misunderstanding on my part, so he has been entered.

Here’s the final list of contenders:

(You can see their entries here, here and here.)

Who’s the lucky one that gets the golden ticket?

Fate is just a die roll away…

Clatter clatter clatter…

And the winner is:

Gregory Dsouza of Mindsightz Blog!

Congratulations Gregory—expect an email from me shortly working out the details of the ticket transfer. Your reasons to adventure were introspective, vivid, and punchy all at once. Take those qualities with you to the Summit and tell ’em the Rogue Priest says hello… You’re about to meet a whole bunch of free thinking people.

Very free thinking! Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.

Many thanks to everyone who entered, everyone who helped spread the word and, of course, all my readers for being your awesome selves. And many thanks to Chris Guillebeau for hosting the World Domination Summit and endorsing this giveaway.

Anybody have a question for Gregory? Wonder what he hopes to do or learn at WDS? Speak up! We have to grill him now…

Adventure, Spotlight, WDS

Essays on Adventure: Final Round

Last night at midnight my contest officially closed. We’ve had many amazing people weigh in on the question, “Why Adventure?” but now it gets exciting. In this batch we have our first dissenting opinion, our first video response, and several people who make the case for everyday adventure over grandiose quests.

Ready for the final entries? Here they are!

Behind the gate at the World Domination Summit. Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.


Because you can jump from a building, stop and pose for a photo, and land on your feet
Like a Superman with style.

Why Adventure? on Amazing Crazy World

Jennifer Miller

I’m actually a very routine individual. Or, at least I think I am. I make lists, I organize my time, I keep a schedule and I LOVE doing these things. But these things were not what made me love my life before. It was the unknown…

Why Adventure? on WLS

Erica Cosminsky

It was a very long drive… My opinion is that it’s only eight hours. We got to go and see things that many people will never get to see in their whole lives.

Why Adventure? on the Invisible Office

Benjamin Jenks

This one isn’t an entry, but it’s the only video response and a damn cool message. If this was an entry it might be my pick for favorite, solely for the “twinkle in the eye.” Bearded Yoda, indeed.

Why Adventure? on AdventureSauce

Alaia Williams

 I might not jump off bridges or eat body parts of animals that I don’t even want to think about – and that’s okay. I’ll take my adventure and new experiences in other ways, thanks.

Thoughts on Adventure

David Yakobovitch

This one isn’t an entry, but a response to the contest. Can adventure really be achieved through books, guides and a Summit of interesting people?

World Domination starts when you are ready.  Not when you attend World Domination Summit.

Why The $100 Startup Will Not Inspire Your Next Adventure

So, who’s the big winner?

I’m warming up my dice. The results will be revealed today at 5 pm CST right here at Rogue Priest.

Do you have a favorite? Remember, I can designate one entry to be put in the drawing twice, thus increasing its odds of winning. If you want to start making your case for someone, you only have a few hours. Hit the comments and convince me!

The other entries can be seen here and here.

Adventure, Spotlight, WDS

More Essays on Adventure

My contest to give away a ticket to the World Domination Summit goes on, and more great entries are gliding in! Each of the essays below reflects on person’s take on the question, “Why Adventure?” and the value that adventure brings to us as human beings.


Dancing at World Domination Summit 2011. Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.

Stephanie Kelly

Excitement and change; most people would probably say they like the former, but not everyone likes the latter – and change is a crucial aspect of adventure. If you know what’s going to happen, or if you stay in one place, it’s not an adventure. If there’s nothing that takes you  out of your comfort zone, that requires a leap of faith, it’s not an adventure.

Why Adventure? on A Quiet Revolution

Eric Lunsford

In the end, success came for them not because they focused on the bottom line, are really good at getting together investors, or know how to make a sale… their success came from everything they learned on their adventure. If it wasn’t for the trips they took, they would have never been able to build what they have now.

5 Entrepreneurs Show How Traveling Guarantees Business Success

Julianne Kanzaki

No one ever regretted adventure, not even Aron Ralston, who had to amputate his own arm in the isolated canyon in Utah.

Why Adventure? on SwimBikeRun

Gregory Dsouza

Get out of the 9-5 and LIVE

Why Adventure? on Mindsightz

Marvin Abisia for Julianne

This one was entered on behalf of a friend to surprise her with the ticket. As it turns out she already entered on her own! What a bunch of go-getters

I’ve come to believe more and more that life was not meant to be lived within the confines and rules of a world designed by others.

To Find Out Who You Are, Go On An Adventure

The contest remains open through midnight tonight (CST). To read the other entries, go here. To enter the contest yourself (do it!), go here.

Does one of these takes really speak to you?

Adventure, Spotlight, WDS

Three Essays on Adventure

Afterparty at the World Domination Summit. Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.

Last week I announced a contest to give away a coveted ticket to the infamous World Domination Summit. The contest is still going through May 3, and you should enter immediately by clicking here.

In case you need a little inspiration, here are the first entries. I posed the question, “Why Adventure?” and I’m really impressed by the passion behind people’s answers. Let’s see ’em:

Kandice Na’Te Cole

When we say yes to adventure, we are saying yes to something that has been lodged deep down inside of us. We say yes to a kick-ass life that we are creating on our own. We say yes to the hero’s journey.

Disrupting Adventure

Bridget Pilloud

We shared our stories. And when you can’t see people, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, with the Perseids, it’s a lot like a Quaker meeting. You gently choose stories that improve upon the silence. And there’s not much, under the Perseids, that does.

Why Adventure?

Mitchell Roth

(This is actually a non-entry. Mitch already has his WDS ticket, but he wanted to get in on the blog topic anyway. I wasn’t going to stand in his way!)

There was a time in your life when you were still figuring out the world every single day… When you take an adventure — whether traveling, reading a challenging book, attempting something new, or indulging in your art — you get to experience the wonder of childhood again and explore the unknown.

Why Adventure?

Does one of these resonate with you more than the others? What are your reasons for adventuring—or not adventuring?

L Days cover_front only_half size

My book Lúnasa Days is available on Kindle and in paperback. Get your copy here.

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How to Win a Free WDS Ticket

A little love from the World Domination Summit. Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.

The greatest four days of my life were when I attended the World Domination Summit in June 2011. It wasn’t the speakers or the setting, though both were impressive. It was because I had never before been part of a group of such mind-breakingly remarkable people.

I think creatives, dreamers and philosophers often feel alone. We stand outside the pack, different than everyone else. We have to fight against the current.

For a few joyful days, the outsiders were the current. If inspiration were wine, this was the vineyard.

Now I want to bring you inside.

Golden Ticket

Last year I excitedly pre-booked my ticket for WDS 2012. I did this knowing full well that I wouldn’t be able to go. Gods willing, I’ll be on my 8,000 mile walk when the World Domination Summit convenes this year.

So I want to give it away.

Two weeks from now, on Friday, May 4, I will draw one lucky winner and give them my ticket. Their admission to this sold-out, world-changing event will be absolutely free.

There are some conditions (always, right?)—

  1. World Domination Summit 2012 happens July 6-8 in Portland, OR. Only enter if you can make it there on those dates.
  2. By entering the contest you agree not to sell the winning ticket.

Sounds Good, Give Me the Ticket

Sure thing. Here’s how you enter:

Publish a blog post on the topic: Why Adventure?

Link it to at least one page on Rogue Priest.

When it goes live, email me the link and your contact info. [Email info removed because contest is closed.]

What I’ll do:

  • Curate the entries and post links to all of them
  • Ignore any entries that come in after May 3 (CST)
  • Use a random selection method to draw and announce a winner May 4
  • Help the winner find lodging in Portland if needed

Adventure is a topic close to my heart. I consider it the ultimate spiritual practice. That’s why I want to highlight the dreams of others who adventure too (or want to). I can hardly wait to see what you write.

Adventurer or not, the contest is open to absolutely anybody. Even if you have very different views from me, if your post addresses the topic Why Adventure? it still counts.

I reserve the right to choose one favorite post and put it in the drawing twice. Other than that, it’s even odds for all entrants. Writing not your strong suit? Vlogs, photo essays and other styles of entry are welcome too.

Special thanks to WDS founder and chief executive rebel, Chris Guillebeau, for giving his blessing and encouragement to the contest. May the best adventurer win!

Please share, tweet and excitedly shout about this contest so more people know about it.